being wordblind(bad word blind)

girl:i hate you

wyrdguy: why thank you…i hate you too!

girl:are you stupid or what?

wyrdguy:sorry i think you got that wrong.i am slightly worse than stupid.

girl:so you are admitting are an asshole!

wyrdguy:oh my dear dipstick!you are wrong again!really close though. i am going to to say i am an ass.behave like one too.

girl:what the fuck is wrong with you?

wyrdguy:relax i am just a fucking spastic!

girl:why do i have to relax for that!

wyrdguy:well it might be difficult to understand.i am slightly wordblind.

girl:oh really! nincompoop good for nothing idiot!!

wyrdguy:same to you my dear bitch!



code of attorney


case “A Scandal in Bohemia”:

/*easy one, all evidence present*/

case “The Sign of Four”:

/*have dependency on sherlock for this*/


case “The Hound of Baskervilles”:

/*proven guilty, need to maximize the sentence*/

case “The Valley of Fear”:

/*don’t know which side to choose*/


/*done for the day*/



soul:finally we are doing this

mind:hmmm let’s see what being cleansed means

body:this is goin to be hell

spirit:cool!something new!!let’s try it.

soul:let’s start..but as a prerequisite we need to sit down with legs crossed

mind:body, you heard what soul just said

body:but i cant sit for long in that position

spirit:come on body, this is something new we could be learning.

body:okay okay!! but 10min tops.

mind:now then..what next?soul?

soul:body,follow my instructions.start by closing your eyes.

spirit:did you mean eyes or ice?

body:i think he meant eyes.closing my eyes.

spirit:ice and spice!!don’t they sound good together.

mind:right!spirit,wandering as usual eh?

spirit:yup…wandering is right..i am goin to transform us into the traveling Dudda


spirit:uh dude + budda?

mind:oh i see!now where was i?body closed his eyes then spirit popped up!oh right soul carry on.

soul:body!just breathe in deeply…

spirit:just breathe..isn’t that a pearl jam song?

body:breathing in deeply.guys the need to scratch my head is buiding up.mind, requesting you for permission to scratch?

mind:permission denied!!hang in there body!!

soul:body!now breathe out deeply!!

spirit:breathe..isn’t that also a michelle branch song?

body:breathing out!!demanding permission to scratch!!

mind:ok just once though!i feel you!

soul:so mind,any good thing you felt?

mind:what i need is peace while managing you three..and all i get is more chaos.what do you think guys?

spirit:i am getting bored

body:and my legs are paining

soul:we need to be cleansed guys.

mind:sorry soul looks like your 10 min window is up.guys, lets go back to normal functioning now!