the deadly profession(i want to be)

shooting girls for a living


welcome to write club

rule 1:you do not talk about WRITE CLUB

rule 2:you DO NOT talk about WRITE CLUB

rule 3:only one writer per blog

rule 4:writers can write about anything they want

rule 5:posts can be as long as their writers want

rule 6:if this is your first night at WRITE CLUB,you HAVE to write

PS : you can write about write club(so i didn’t violate any rules)

creatures of time

yes.most of us think we are aware of them.these species are hard to spot.cause they are invisible to the human eye.their type is defined by how long they exist.for example,a second is of type second.a minute is of type hour is of type hour and so on.creatures of time age differently. every time space changes its state as in anything in space moves, these creatures also age.since time creatures move according to space,they can speed up or slow down they also have a conscience.but it remains to be seen if they can reverse far,only so much is known about these creatures.although it remains to be seen if these creatures are just a figment of my imagination.