one night stand(generic)

met a dream

slept with the dream

woke up trying to remember the dream

decided to forget about the dream

realising the dream

was just an illusion(distraction)


the unspoken language

written on the pages of time

where no words are used

easily misunderstood when conscious

(and yet) even more

easily understood when unconscious

                        – a conscious writer

creative writing assignment (singing incomplete to the writer)[plagiarism accepted]

empty spaces drain me up of hope

(got to see)teacher faces with no place left to go

without you within me i can’t find no grades

where i’m going is anybody’s guess

i tried to go on like i never knew you

i’m awake but the class is half asleep

i pray for this assignment to be graded

but without you all i’m going to be is incomplete

voices tell me i should carry on

but i am swimming in a bundle all alone

baby,my baby

it’s written on your face

you still wonder if we made a big mistake(copying)

i don’t mean to drag it on,but i can’t seem to let you go

i don’t wanna to make you face the teacher alone

i wanna let you go(alone)

but without you all i’m going to be is incomplete


…..(waiting to be completed)