i know

aye aye
when i see eye see
what eye see i see
what eye know i know
what i know eye no know
aye aye


it’s conversation time(you and me)

blog:Ok,it’s time we had a conversation.
thewyrdguy:what?but why?
blog:all this body painting is making me uncomfortable.why you post so many things on me?
thewyrdguy:well just noting down my thoughts in a beautified way.in other words i am having so much fun doing the body painting.
blog:well you could reduce the number of posts.people won’t have patience to see all my tattoos.
thewyrdguy:you don’t get the point!i dont care about what other people think!
blog:well i do care!dont you want me to look good or what?please note the feedback at least!(negative especially).
thewyrdguy:and why is that?
blog:well we get inputs about how we can improve a post.
thewyrdguy:point noted!
blog:and occasionally write shitpieces to show people the worth of a good post.
thewyrdguy:already do that…occasionally 😉
blog:don’t make your posts too long…most readers’ attention span are short..
thewyrdguy:kinda do that sometimes..love short..my style actually..anyways good point…
blog:finally don’t  ever breakup(forget or delete from memory) with me.
thewyrdguy:sure,my darling!