being wordblind(bad word blind)

girl:i hate you

wyrdguy: why thank you…i hate you too!

girl:are you stupid or what?

wyrdguy:sorry i think you got that wrong.i am slightly worse than stupid.

girl:so you are admitting are an asshole!

wyrdguy:oh my dear dipstick!you are wrong again!really close though. i am going to to say i am an ass.behave like one too.

girl:what the fuck is wrong with you?

wyrdguy:relax i am just a fucking spastic!

girl:why do i have to relax for that!

wyrdguy:well it might be difficult to understand.i am slightly wordblind.

girl:oh really! nincompoop good for nothing idiot!!

wyrdguy:same to you my dear bitch!


code of attorney


case “A Scandal in Bohemia”:

/*easy one, all evidence present*/

case “The Sign of Four”:

/*have dependency on sherlock for this*/


case “The Hound of Baskervilles”:

/*proven guilty, need to maximize the sentence*/

case “The Valley of Fear”:

/*don’t know which side to choose*/


/*done for the day*/