eyesight(walking on some path)
hindsight(walking by):nice t…
foresight(also walking by):nice e…
eyesight:oh shut up you two!!eve-teasing words is a crime.i hope you realise that.
foresight:we are here to do what our ancestors taught us.
hindsight:yeah!we just did what our ancestors taught us.
eyesight:well i could report you to petw(people for the ethical treatment of words)anytime i want.
hindsight:but this is what we’re living for.ask our pops.
eyesight:stop staring at me like that!that applies to both of you!didnt your parents teach you any grammars(manners)?
foresight:we have our goals in life you know…watch out…you may trip on something…
eyesight:on what?oh crap!ouch!arghhhhhhh!
hindsight:oh sorry about that!you just tripped,didnt you?i think foresight was the culprit.
foresight:yeah right!hindsight is such a loser.he always blames people.
hindsight:and foresight’s just blamed me now!oh what a hypocrite he is…
eyesight:oh leave me alone!and that means both of you!i think my eyes give me enough insight…


mathlish(team decimal)

integral:looks like im the oldest here.
fractional:yeah yeah!but i have my uses you know!
integral:like what baby?
fractional:i bring down differences between our ancestors,you know?
integral:ok,any other uses?
fractional:i tend to cause lot of problems while coding…
integral:so do i…
fractional:not as much as me…
integral:well i am whole!
fractional:you sound more like an asshole to me.
integral:point!what’s the score btw?
point:integral-3 fractional-4.
fractional:does that mean i win?
integral:game’s not over.did you notice the differences between us?
fractional:man,there are so many differences between us…
integral:but it all boils down to one small person…
fractional:and who is that?
integral:we’re level now.

mathlish(opposites are the same)

opposite:hi,im opposite.
same:hi,im same.
opposite:i see you already wanting me.
same:what?but why?
opposite:because opposites attract.
same:eh?you and opposite?you are the same as everyone else!
opposite:but how?
same:well,your stupid attitude and…
same:im your opposite…
same:now we’re both opposites.
opposite:well,now your confusing me.
same:so we’re both the same.
opposite:but,you just said we’re both opposites.
same:yeah,so you get what i mean don’t you?
opposite:oh!you and your logic!i give up!no i give in!