dear god(coder),it’s your program here

no one ever says thank you but i do.
so here goes,thank you for creating me.

so now i think i deserve a few wishes.
ill mention them to you in this letter.
its upto to you to grant them.

so here goes…
im tired of being procedural,please make me object oriented.i mean its more fun living life,if your allowed to say OOPS,you know what i mean.

and i got to occupy less space,i mean know im already overweight.i run slow too.

this is a funny request,but i want to be used by as many people as know make them happy and stuff like that.yeah yeah i want to be popular you know.

also want to be shared as much as possible.i want to be an open book in everyone’s eyes…you know open source.

last but not least,don’t forget to save me.


ironing so neatly(wish i could learn someday)

“A man who is a traffic cop gets his license suspended for unpaid parking tickets.”

“The Titanic was promoted as being 100% unsinkable; but, in 1912 the ship sank on its maiden voyage.”

“As an audience member, you realize that if a character walks into an abandoned warehouse, chances are a killer is waiting… but because you are a member of the audience you cannot disclose the information to the character.”

“A professor never answers questions and does not explain key concepts of the course; however he expects students to come to class after having read their assignment, ready to answer the professor’s questions.”

the fishing trip

                   what the fish
       something’s fishy going on about that fish(pisces).
ummm what fish?which fish?where fish?when fish?
     now we are really fishing(about)
           so can you fish your way
                        out of this fish