well-content(jump into it already)


well-advised well-adjusted

well begun is half done

well-being well-balanced

well said well done

 alls well ends well


the reader(or rider)

get set open eyes go!!

lean left go on and then lean right

1st gear take time to adjust to the text

2nd gear text seems fine color seems fine

3rd gear vocabulary seems limited good

4th gear guess it’s time to switch to 5th gear

BRAKES seeing rare word to comprehend

align left now read understand and align right

rocky terrain slowing down back to first gear

finish line upcoming full speed ahead

end of weird poem



sleep lvl no(?)[blast from the past]

woke up this morning

wondering what is going on in my head

hoping today everything will be alright

i am still hearing voices

does this mean i am awake?

oh no! not these again!

familiar unpleasant arguments!

now i wake up

only to realise i am at my home

wishing i was back asleep

although i still wonder

how long will it take?

to really wake up?

in dialogue

a:say something



b:another dialog

a:say something meaningful if you understand english?

b:this is a dialog

a:oh man!what’s wrong with you?can you come up with something really meaningful…

b:humans always talk in dialogs.

a:hell with dialogs!!bad dialog!!dirty dialog!!dialog dialog!!

b:haha!!you just got dialoged.