mind,body,soul and spirit

mind:oh no!we’ve fallen again(in love)!i just can’t believe this!who’s responsible?

body:i think it was our soul.

mind:soul,what’s your problem?aren’t you purified enough?or are you really poisoned?stop running if you can…how many times must i seek you out?

soul:what did i do?love purifies…love poisons…we all want change.right?

body:true…and it makes me so pumped up…more fuel…it improves our efficiency too..

soul:and mind!you’re responsible too you know.you are so weak.

mind:i guess you’re right!gotta visit the gym more often.gotta do with drugs for now.body!…bring in the amphetamines.i gotta think clearer.

soul:mind!indeed you seem weak.going to the gym is not the only solution.you gotta see me more often…im your one and only connection to the almighty.seek me out.

mind:what utter nonsense!

body:but i cant function without our soul…o mind you control too much!

soul:true that!you gotta leave somethings to the almighty.

mind:soul!you are too heavy…as if body is not heavy enough.we are drowning currently.we need more balance.

soul:well i need some spirit then…

mind:guess it’s time to party…

spirit:guys,how can you party without me?

mind:look i was going to call you but you came anyway.right!so lets drink to good spirits…


superbee to the rescue

mr.trouble:i rule the world…muhaha..

mr.bee:you cause too much suffering.im going to put a spell on you.

mr.trouble:lets see you try it.


mr.trouble:haha that’s not a correct spelling.

mr.bee:please gimme another chance.

mr.trouble:well you almost made it last time,but im so bored ill give you another chance.ok?


mr.trouble:wrong again…now this spells trouble for you.

mr.bee:muhaha now your spelled…no more trouble in the world now.

mr.trouble:that’s cheating,you can’t use paradoxes.

mr.bee:whatever,your spell in this world is over.

the news show

news(latest):finally im here…

reporter:hey newsy,you are late again.

news(good):well,you should be happy about it.

reporter(on air):presenting to you the latest news of the day.but first,we shall be presenting the news in brief,”bfuyb hfjfu djdkh”.

news(in brief):can u please give me back my clothes now,you guys?

reporter:im sorry,viewers and readers like you in this form,nowadays they don’t have time to judge one’s dressing sense.anyways,i suggest you take a break.i want to see a new you after the break,ok.

news(breaking):as if being news is not new enough.talking is so easy!how the hell am i supposed to take a break in my underwear?dont you have any news sense?

reporter:look here,you are making such a nuisance.you cant question my orders…

news(bad):you want news.ll give you some new news.this is the end of the news show.i quit.