brain-mapping(left vs right)

right:yo!im right!right here right now!can you hear me aloud?
left:yeah yeah!im left.
right:you sound as though you are ready to leave the brain anytime.
left:ummmm are you sure your cognitive state is fine?
right:oh please!im always in the right state of mind.your name itself sounds negative.
left:touche!so can i call you mr.right?
mr.right:no probs bro!can i call you lefty?
lefty:that’s a weird name but i don’t mind.
mr.right:coooool!so why are we here?
lefty:ummmm we are here to make the brain function.
mr.right:oh yea!mr.right always asks the right questions.
lefty:so they say you are a creative artist…
mr.right:left is right for a change.
lefty:you got any works to show me?
mr.right:ummmmm you?
mr.right:to keep you alive,the brain needs mr.right’s imagination right?that’s right!my imagination!
mr.right:what?is there a problem?
lefty:yea only that…
mr.right:solve it yourself bitch!you’re a logical linguist!aren’t you?i created you.
lefty:you do realise that im the one helping you communicate.
lefty:be kind to me or be blind to me!
mr.right:ah you’ve solved it haven’t you!oh that neo(cortex)!someday when i die i will kill him too!
lefty:yup!he makes us dependent on each other!gotta give it to him.he makes us a team.
neo(cortex):guess who’s the boss for both of you now!muhahahaha!!
mr.right:ah can’t believe im stuck in this place with these two!


facebook wall(plagiarism accepted)

today is gonna be the day
that they’re gonna post something on you
by now you should’ve somehow
figured out what shall be due
i can’t believe that nobody
squeals the way i do about you now

back beat, the word is on a tweet
that the liar in your chart is out
im sure you’ve blurred it all before
as you always really had a doubt
i can’t believe that nobody
squeals the way i do about you now

and all the codes i have to mock are grinding
and all the posts that lead us there need finding
there are many games that i would
like to play with you
but i don’t know how

because maybe
you’re gonna be the one that plagues me
and after all
you’re my facebook wall

aroused?(a mystery)

a:stop that!you’re making me laugh!
b:why should i?
a:you got any special moves?
b:how about this one?
a:oooooh do that again will you?
b:but why?
a:cause it feels good you dumb ass!
b:you mean this way!
b:what is with you?
a:do that lick again please!!
b:ok if it pleases you!
a:you are one sick son of a bitch!
b:that’s enough!can you leave me and my guitar alone now!

the endgame(a different view)

white king:i cannot not lose!cause THIS is the checkered board.
black knight:check
white king:oh hello mr.dark knight!i shall try my best to be the joker.
black knight:check
white king:you shall have your much btw?
black knight:check
white king:nevermind i shall sign you a blank check.just between you and me,im a big fan of yours.please make another batman movie!
black queen:check
white king:hey there!checking me out are you?you gotta watch out for my moves!
black bishop:check
white king:yeah i know!everybody’s watching…sins under check!
black queen:check
white king:oh my zip’s open!sorry about that.
black queen:check
white king:you know opposites attract right?we have such a lovely chemistry going on here.
black bishop:check
white king:yeah yeah i know!
black queen:check
white king:ummm what’s the matter with you?
black queen:check
white king:since when did my queen start checking out the black king?
black queen:check
white king:ok im sorry i shall withdraw my queen.
black queen:check
white king:can you do something else?
black queen:checkmate
white king:oh so that’s what that was about.oh god!i am such a loser!