don’t feel sorry(it’s a crime)

a:hey i feel sorry for you!!

b:i am sorry,please don’t.


the space between us

boy:hi!!how’s it going?

girl:hey stop! i need some space!


girl:hey why did you stop talking?

boy:uh you wanted some space right? now give me an exclamation..

girl:not that space you idiot!!

boy:oh cool..then i also need more space..

girl:why what did i do?

boy:well this conversation needs some storage space right??

girl:aaaargh!!!what i meant was it would be better if our conversations are spaced out…

                                  boy:you mean this way??

girl:uh you dimwit!!can there be some distance between us?

(boy goes to moon)

boy:hi!how you doing?

girl:@#$%^&*&%$!!!you spaced out freak!!

boy:but you wanted space right??