if god used version control(does he?)

git init – beginning of the big bang

git clone – creating a parallel universe(copy of another)

git status – checking which universe he is in

git add {} – adding planet to universe

git commit – creating and ending lives in universe

git branch – listing out all parallel universes

git checkout {} – travelling to alternate universe

git push – saving changes of one universe

git pull – merging changes from other gods(if conflicts present resolve them)

git stash – backward time travel to original state of universe

git log – checking changes by other gods

git diff – comparing 2 different universes


the writer(in me)

the writer sat still in his chair writing his story.the writing seemed to take him to another dimension.the way he was writing implied that he wanted to take his readers too to this dimension.the story too was stationary.the story confused its readers as to which dimension they were in.eventually angry or confused, the reader would return back to real life.