thewyrdguy: who is this?


thewyrdguy:stop pissing me off



the reader(or rider)

get set open eyes go!!

lean left go on and then lean right

1st gear take time to adjust to the text

2nd gear text seems fine color seems fine

3rd gear vocabulary seems limited good

4th gear guess it’s time to switch to 5th gear

BRAKES seeing rare word to comprehend

align left now read understand and align right

rocky terrain slowing down back to first gear

finish line upcoming full speed ahead

end of weird poem



it’s conversation time(you and me)

blog:Ok,it’s time we had a conversation.
thewyrdguy:what?but why?
blog:all this body painting is making me uncomfortable.why you post so many things on me?
thewyrdguy:well just noting down my thoughts in a beautified way.in other words i am having so much fun doing the body painting.
blog:well you could reduce the number of posts.people won’t have patience to see all my tattoos.
thewyrdguy:you don’t get the point!i dont care about what other people think!
blog:well i do care!dont you want me to look good or what?please note the feedback at least!(negative especially).
thewyrdguy:and why is that?
blog:well we get inputs about how we can improve a post.
thewyrdguy:point noted!
blog:and occasionally write shitpieces to show people the worth of a good post.
thewyrdguy:already do that…occasionally 😉
blog:don’t make your posts too long…most readers’ attention span are short..
thewyrdguy:kinda do that sometimes..love short..my style actually..anyways good point…
blog:finally don’t  ever breakup(forget or delete from memory) with me.
thewyrdguy:sure,my darling!